About Bam

Hello! Welcome to my photography site. I was born and raised in England and learned photography from my dad whose nickname was David “One Shot Ross”.

I loved working in the darkroom and studio from about age 7 after receiving a “Sunlight Photograpyh Kit” as a present and never looked back.

I got into rock n roll and played drums for amongst others the British bands, The Dogs D’Amour and the Wildhearts. I eventually moved to Los Angeles and met my wife Share.

We formed an award winning independent band, Bubble and toured the world for ten years sharing our blistering rock n roll with anyone who would listen and loving every minute of it..

On all of my travels, I always carry a camera and shoot stills and video as well. My passion for raw cuisine, Rock n Roll and nature is reflected in the lens of my camera.

Photography is like breathing to me. It is just what I do. ENJOY!